Perfume layering: Here’s what you need to know

The art of mixing two or more scents together to create a signature one is a technique that has been practiced for decades. Cocktailing different fragrances to create a custom one can help truly reflect your personality or how you’re feeling.

In order to create the best ‘cocktail’, you first need to understand that there exist various layers in individual fragrances themselves. The top note being the scent you smell right away when you spray it. It usually consists of sharp and fresh notes. After which comes the middle note, the heart of the fragrance that is more mellow, warm, and softer. And finally, the bottom note, which is the scent that stays with you for hours.

Now layering fragrances can begin from your bathing routine itself, from your soaps to your body lotions, so be aware of that. But when it comes to perfumes, experimentation is key.

For beginners’ who have never layered before, try to combine two fragrances with a common note or a basic opposite fragrance pairing such as spice and vanilla. However, do ensure not to combine two perfumes with extremely dark notes, as it can be overwhelming.

Some pairings that go well together are:

Sandalwood, cedar, and bark

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Ylang-ylang with jasmine

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Vanilla with white musk

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Floral and vetiver

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Orange and spice

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