Protect your peepers: Here’s how to pick the right sunglasses this summer

Did you know that only 50 per cent of people residing in the UAE realize the importance of owning sunglasses? Some of them don’t even have one!

If you’re living in a sunny place like the UAE, it goes without saying that you will experience the harsh UV (ultraviolet) rays. The rays become more penetrating and powerful, especially during the summer months.

Here’re some tips that can help you choose the right shades and the importance of their colors, so you can look stylish while protecting your eyes this summer.

Which lens is the most preferable?


Sunglasses with the yellow lens are a great choice preferably when you are in low light. So next time you plan to go to a place with lower light, yellow glasses can be stylish sun protection for your eyes.


If you’re near-sighted, brown and amber tints can be a great choice.

Green/Light Blue

Farsighted? Nothing better than green/ light blue-tinted sunglasses.

Why is 100 per cent UV protection important?

Your eyes tend to become weaker if they are frequently exposed to the sun. hence it’s always better to buy sunglasses that offer 100 per cent UV protection.

What shape should you select?

Determine your face shape before you opt for the sunglasses, then choose the best fit. If you have a round face, large and square shades are the best choice.

Oval faces can choose almost any frame shape. If you have a square face, go for curvier frames to set off angular features.

Flashier frames are best for heart-shaped faces as it gives a more striking appearance.


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