Pump up the Volume

DJ Steppie gives us the countdown for post Covid events in Dubai!

When did you take up Djing?
The jazz of the turntables and mixer, the sheer experience of transporting human movements with switching beats of music had been a fantasy since I was young. It has been a while now since I started DJing in 2011. My music collection and excerpt since my teens made me a music wizard when I started mesmerizing crowds professionally 9 years ago.

What are the highlights of your career?
To discover an endless amount of music, I followed my own rabbit holes to light up crazy fests. I’ve always felt myself like a chemist turning tables and compelling the folks of universities, corporate companies, discotheque, niterie, clubs and cafes, move to dance beats.

How tough is it to be working in a post covid market?
In this post-pandemic of COVID19 situation, where we are exploring the possibilities to live normally, so the DJ – bringing life back to machines through music. It would be a great opportunity to grab the dream position in the market, but yes, the economic downturn and low costs are an inescapable fact. It is discouraging sometimes, but one has to make small sacrifices to achieve bigger things.

What are your plans with music for the future?
I am planning on to move ahead despite the challenges and excel in the music industry by collaborating with brands, big expos, and award fests and make a mark in the industry.


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