“Purl” shines on Reem Island Abu Dhabi

This new art installation at Makers District on Reem Island – Abu Dhabi’s signifies the mixed-use hub that has been designed to accentuate the lifestyle qualities of creators, innovators and entrepreneurs. Created by world renowned artist and designer, Jenny Sabin, the installation titled ‘Purl’ takes centre stage at the Makers District Beach to forge a memorable experience for residents and visitors to the area. Composed of thousands of digitally knitted and engineered fibre cells and conical forms, Purl weaves high technology into a captivating and enthralling design. The installation absorbs solar energy during the day and glows at night, its component of photo luminescent fibres illuminating once the sun has gone down.

Purl also features a canopy structure with a misting system that creates a micro-climate to help cool down visitors on hot and sunny days.

The overall effect of the installation is one of a mesmerizing environment that reacts to

of light that are experienced over a 24-hour period, its misting function adding to its aesthetic allure through the rainbow hues that are thrown out when sunlight plays on the fine water spray.

The Purl has enhanced its developer IMKAN’s philosophy of ‘placemaking’ with this stunning new art installation.and is in tune with the ambient qualities.





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