Quick fixes for skin to get ready for New Year’s party!

The huge New Year party is practically around the bend. Furthermore, on the off chance if you need to put your best self forward, here are a couple of magnificence hacks that can help you. Winter season is known to cause dry and itchy skin but we have got you covered with these hacks to fix everything before the big day:


Give your skin some TLC. Exfoliate it two times per week, to eliminate dry skin and to forestall breakouts. Counsel your dermatologist for a decent exfoliator for your skin. You can utilize salicylic exfoliator for slick skin it will eliminate dull spots and lights up the skin.


All around hydrated skin doesn’t let the make-up become cakey and cracked. Your skin health management routine of cleaning conditioning and nourishing will make the ideal base for make-up you can apply on later.

Reduce dark circles

Put some used and cold tea packs or cucumber pieces on the eyes to decrease the presence of dark circles.

Face pack for fresh skin

Mix rose water, honey and dried milk powder and apply this all over your face. Wash it off in following 20 minutes. This will clean your skin, make it glow and prepare it for make up.

Choose right color and primer

Your make-up tones should be in accordance with the color and tone of your dress and shoes. New Year part is the ideal opportunity for glam, glitz, sparkle so don’t be timid to utilize intense and glittery tones. Start with a decent primer. It is the canvas to keep your cosmetics in place. It can obscure the blemish, decrease the presence of pores and oil on skin.


(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma) 


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