Rakul Preet answers questions from fans

The gorgeous Rakul Preet Singh answers fan questions posted to Filmfare ME during her InstaLIVE with us.

Do you read your fan mail and respond to it yourself?
Yes, I handle my social media myself especially my Instagram page though my team handles my FB page. I don’t spend too much time on social media and the pages I follow are to do with recipes of healthy eating etc.

In your interviews, you have said that you are God’s own child?
We all are God’s own children. But I believe that whatever happens, happens for the best.

How has your family supported you?
My dad’s been an army man and my mom quit working when I started modeling. They have been my biggest support and I discuss everything with them, also with my brother.

What did you learn from the leading actors and actresses you have worked with across industries?
I have learned and observed that everybody who has excelled has stayed grounded to who they are. They made their mark by being who they are.

Was it tough turning vegan?
Nobody forced me to turn vegan. I am a Punjabi and have grown up on meat. It is a call that came from within.

How do you protect your inner space?
I compartmentalize my life. My inner space is calm due to yoga and meditation and staying around positive people. Also to be around friends who have nothing to do with what I do.

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  1. I love you rakul ji
    But I know that I can never meet Rakul ji, but still it is Try


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