Samantha Ruth Prabhu aims to redefine the notion of success! Deets here!

Actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who stunned us with her militant role in The Family Man- 2, often shares quotes and messages on Instagram. She recently shared a picture urging parents not to worry about their daughter’s marriage.  Samantha shared another quote by a writer, about not desiring to “dominate” the industry or be “the number one.”

Samantha shared a quote by Los Angeles-based author, Jamie Varon. The quote read: “How about you don’t have to build an empire? Or dominate an industry? Or be the number one at anything? What if you simply built a lovely life that makes you feel happy, that brings you joy, that is generative and supportive? What if you healed the parts of you that need more and more and more? What if you redefined what success looks and feels like to you? What if you decided enough is enough?”

It further read, “What if you felt satisfied in the right here, the right now? What if you realized your life is likely a lot closer to your ideal than you ever thought? What if changing the filter in which you view your life makes everything that much more vibrant? How much open empty space would be left for your joy if you stopped thinking you needed to earn it? How much time could you spend in the actual living of your life if you let go of striving for more? How much more beautiful would this moment, right here, become for you?”

Samantha Ruth Prabhu has signed a couple of small budget movies. They will soon get on the floors but it seems she has bigger plans. As per a report  the actress wants to bag some big projects at the soonest. The media outlet reported that she has been calling up top filmmakers and stars and showing interest in big projects that have scope for her. It seems she is keen to have some big budget films in her kitty as early as possible. So far, she does not have such a project with her.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu left the whole of India floored with her work in Raj and DK’s The Family Man 2 where she played the role of a militant soldier earning praise from one and all.


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