Shah Rukh Khan gives all the credit of his stardom to Salman Khan’s dad

Two of the biggest stars of Hindi cinema, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have had their share of ups and downs in their friendship of many years. But, both these stars have never had a bad thing to say about each other ever, no matter how many times people around them tried to add fuel to fire. Shah Rukh recently came on Salman’s television show and while both the Khans indulged in a lot of fun along with Rani Mukerji, what caught our attention was when SRK started talking about why Salman and his family mean the world to him.

Shah Rukh said, “The first time I came to Mumbai as a struggling actor, I had my meals at Salman’s place where Salim Khanji supported me a lot. It is because of them I have become ‘Shah Rukh Khan’. I have come on the show only because of Salman and I will go wherever he tells me to go.” Don’t we all absolutely love their bromance?


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