Shweta Tripathi had nightmares shooting for Mirzapur 2

Shweta Tripathi, who left the audience shocked with her very first scene in Mirzapur, went on to garner much praise by the end of the season. Interestingly, the Masaan actress reveals that it was actually her character Golu Gupta’s graph in the second season of the hit web-show that made her take on the series. However, shooting for the second season gave her nightmares!

Talking about the much-awaited Mirzapur 2, the actress shares that the show’s season 2 is definitely more exciting. “Golu Gupta’s graph in Season 2 of Mirzapur is really exciting and in fact, the season 2 was the draw for me to play the character. You’ll get to see a very different Golu Gupta from the one you saw in the first season,” she adds.

Shweta Tripathi in Mirzapur 2
Shweta Tripathi in Mirzapur 2

Though exciting, the actress also reveals that she had nightmares while shooting Mirzapur 2. “After what my character goes through in season 1, her personality changes. Her core changes! It used to be so emotionally charged and so emotionally draining that I used to have nightmares while sleeping. So, Cheetah (husband, actor-singer Chaitanya Sharma) used to try and make me laugh before I slept,” says Shweta, adding that she’s just glad to have the full support of her hubby.

Meanwhile, talking about the much-awaited Mirzapur 2’s release date – Shweta and her co-stars Divyenndu Sharma aka Munna Bhaiya and Anjum Sharma who plays Sharad Shukla – all have the same thing to say. “When will Mirzapur 2 release is the first question people have been asking us since the end of the first season,” they say. Shweta adds, “We are just as excited to know about it’s release date as everyone else. The shooting has already been completed and it’s now in post-production. So, the editing and background music is on. The lockdown has restricted us, so there’s been a delay in dubbing. But it should be done soon.” Besides Shweta, Divyenndu and Anjum, the Amazon Prime web-series also stars Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal and Vikrant Massey.


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