Singer Shaan is currently dabbling with independent music and ghazals. More on the FilmfareME IGTV interview here!

Singer Shaan who has been part of Bollywood film music has started focussing on independent music as well. This comes full circle for him since he started his career with independent music, went on to become the most sought after singers of Bollywood only to return to his comfort space after over two decades.

“Over the past few years, many Punjabi artistes and Punjabi songs have gone main stream with mass acceptance across the country. It is possibly because as a language it shares a lot in common with Hindi. Also the new generation seems to have taken a strong liking to Punjabi,” says the Tanha Dil hitmaker.

During and Instalive Chat with me today, Shan mentioned how he is reviving his father’s music and ghazals especially. During the chat, he showed us his father’s photo who was a composer and artiste, who passed away at the age of 43.  Shaan and his sister Sagarika are planning to bring their dad’s legacy back to life.

Shaan has two young sons and they are both into music. Speaking about the state of independent music in India, singer Shaan said, “As an industry, music has become less dependent on films for its popularity and credibility.” He also said, “Music, in my opinion, has been quite unaffected by the pandemic. In fact, there has been a surge in the number of non-film songs being made,’ he says.

This and more in my interview with the musical talent. Check out the IGTV on the Filmfare ME Instagram to know more of the chat and listen to Shaan belt out a few of our favourite songs too!




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