Stocking up the BohoChic essentials!

When it comes to fashion, BohoChic is not just a style trend, but also reflects a way of life and thinking. A staple of the free-spirited romantics, the style defies everything conventional. Earthy in appeal, Boho fashion is not just aesthetics, but a culture, where free expression is the key.

Dressing BohoChic is all about putting the right elements together. Brightly printed clothes, straw hats, boots, fringes, and a lot more have to be brought together in the right proportion to create the look that has time and again tempted celebrities across the world. Pulling off a Boho attire ain’t easy. But it’s not as difficult as it seems either. Here’re some pointers to help you get your wardrobe BohoChic ready:


Vanessa Hudgens sporting a hat.

Hats are a statement in themselves. Straw hats work beautifully with any Boho attire.

Maxi Skirt

Anushka Sharma in a Maxi skirt.

Simple prints in vibrant colours or pastel hues both work well when it comes to flowy maxi skirts that are perfect for your summer Bohemian wardrobe. They can be styled in innumerable ways. In fact, they’re a good pick for winters as well, provided you wear something warm underneath.



Jennifer Aniston rocking in boots.

Boots are super versatile. They can be paired with almost anything. You name it and there’s a pair of boots to go with it.

Statement Necklaces

Abbie Cornish wearing a statement necklace with a plain black outfit.

Necklaces speak for themselves. A slightly long necklace with a relatively simple outfit can instantaneously change your appearance. Effortless yet gorgeous, necklaces are a blessing to the wardrobe.


Selena Gomez in a fringed look.

Bohemians are obsessed with fringes. Fringed crop tops, skirts, boots, belts, hats, kimonos, and even hairstyles. A Bohemian wardrobe is incomplete without a fringe-wear in it.

A long dress

Vanessa Hudgens in a beautiful long black dress.

Yes, as simple as that. But no, not just any dress, preferably a flowy, airy one. Bohemians love to keep it off-beat but never uncomfortable.


Turquoise gems.

Gems form a large part of the Boho accessories. Gems add a mysterious, enchanting quality in the wearer.


Jenna Dewan in a lace dress.

Lace is really popular among Bohemians along with fringes. It can be styled in several different ways with several different pieces and look completely new each time.

Bell Bottoms

Jennifer Aniston wearing Bell Bottoms.

Bell Bottoms have come and gone out of fashion but it has remained essential to the Bohemians. A pair of bell-bottoms paired-up with a crop top creates a classic look.


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