Style scarves the Celeb Way!

Scarves are saviours on bad hair days but they can also be worn to add a touch of glam to a regular outfit. While there are multiple ways to wear a scarf, some celebrities know how to style them best. Let’s take a look:

Amy Adams
If you’re wondering what a simple scarf can do, just look at Amy Adams. Amy Adams pairs a scarf along with plain tee and jeans and a grey shrug. The scarf instantly adds colour and makes the outfit stand out.

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid goes for a classic boho look with her scarf. Gigi wears her scarf with a white dress, Bohemian accessories, and a tan belt.

Jennifer Lopez
A frequent wearer of scarves, Jennifer Lopez knows how to make scarves work in her favour. JLo pairs up a silk headscarf with a silk outfit of the same colour. Although the patterns differ, they mingle well with each other to create a cool look.

Meghan Fox
Meghan Fox travels the traditional route by tying the scarf around her neck but not without a twist. Fox wraps the scarf like a bandana – in fact, the scarf also resembles one in appearance.

Rihanna goes for the ‘bawse’ look in true RiRi style. She pairs up her blazer and big hoops with a scarf knotted behind her head. Rihanna’s look is effortless yet fierce.

Rita Ora
Rita Ora styles the scarf the same way as Rihanna but styles it up differently. Rita goes for a fresh and dewy look in an oversized striped shirt and black pants. She offsets her simple outfit with yellow sunglasses and a black and yellow scarf.

Zendaya’s ways are quirky and so is her style. Her leather jacket combined with a scarf tie to the front of the head is quite a statement. The scarf not only is in sync with the rest of the outfit but it also adds a touch of flavour to it.

Which one is your favourite?


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