Styling a baby bump

From Kareena Kapoor to Emily Ratajkowski, everyone’s been sporting a baby bump of their own, and maybe you are too! But maternity clothes often get a bad reputation, and while it may seem like fashion and pregnancy do not go hand in hand, we beg otherwise.

Here’s a look at celebrity maternity fashion trends to get inspiration from:

Stick with what you like

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It doesn’t matter whether you decide to wear skin-tight clothes to show off your baby bump or hide it with breezier clothing, what matters is that you stay true to your personal style, whatever it may be.

Wrap it

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Wrap dresses are possibly a favorite pregnancy staple, not only is the cut comfortable but a plunging neckline does wonder on balancing the silhouette.

Don’t avoid prints

If there is one fashion tip, we can take away from Kareena Kapoor’s maternity fashion is that prints are an easy way to make simple outfits pop! Opt for fit and flare dresses or kaftans to look effortlessly chic.

The stretch dress

A simple ribbed dress not only makes space for your baby and you but also allows you to move in comfort. Layering then is an easy job.

Layer, Layer, and Layer


Layering jackets and overcoats may seem like a bad idea considering you might want to avoid bulk, however, there are times it simply just adds more definition and chic to your outfit.

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