Styling power suits for everyday

The power suit is badass, strong with masculine elements yet holds a feminine edge. They combine professional attire with chic and command respect. But that doesn’t mean its restricted simply for business. Here are a few ways you can weave your power suit into your everyday fashion.

Dressing for the cold

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Create a winter-friendly ensemble by layering a turtleneck sweater or a double-knit jacket. Keep warm and toasty all day long in pants with fabrics like cashmere or leather.

Mix and match

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Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match pieces. Power suit blazers pair wonderfully with pencil skirts as well as sweatpants. Or swap your button-up for a graphic tee to tone things down.

The casual look

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Style your power suit with a plain white tee and your favorite sneakers. While a black power suit and white shirt offer a timeless, sophisticated look, switching for bold colors like pink or red, is an effortless way to achieve a look that’s perfect for night outs too.

Mix fabrics and textures

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Mixing different fabrics and textures to achieve a unique aesthetic isn’t as hard as it seems. Simple layer a velvet coat over your power suit to stand out. Or style a chiffon blouse underneath.

(Contributed by Nikhita H.)
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