The Diva of the Middle East

What Arab girls loves Most about Sonam Kapoor Ahuja  is her sense of style and her classical features. She graced the first anniversary of Filmfare Middle east in Oman and was felicitated with the FILMFARE MIDDLE EAST most Progressive roles in Hindi Cinema. Hanan Yehia comes up with the 10 reasons why Arabs love  Sonam.


Sonam Kapoor, as an actress, is truly one of a kind. I loved her in the film Khoobsurat. One of my favourite films from the Bollywood industry.

Hamad Ibrahim – UAE

I love to see Sonam Kapoor on magazine covers. Her features are that perfect. Her personality is strong enough to say what she wants to say without caring what people think. She is absolutely and straight to the point.

Jawahir Al Ali – Iraq


Sonam has been always special to the Middle East. We, Arab people love her dresses and her style. Her beauty at the first anniversary of Filmfare Middle East in Oman, was another level of glamour!

Ahlam Rashim – UAE


Sonam Kapoor is an inspiration to me. She had the courage to show her fans what goes on behind- the -scenes for her glam look. In this way, she helped girls understand the effort that goes into looking pretty. She inspired us to trust ourselves.

Elham Mohammed – Tunisia

One of the reasons for my love towards Bollywood is Sonam Kapoor. She is stunning and gorgeous. I love her work and her father Anil Kapoor as well.They are a royal father-daughter duo.

Fatima Mazin – KSA


One of the best films that I have watched of Sonam Kapoor is Neerja. In my opinion itís one of the best films in Sonamís career. Apart from being talented, she is beautiful as well.

Nada Al- Ebrahim – KSA

I like Sonam for her sense of style, her choices and the way she matches her accessories with her outfit. All of it is amazing.\

Noora Al Hudili – Iraq


Sonam Kapoor is known for her fab style. All of us loved her look in the first anniversary of Filmfare Middle East in Oman.

Hessa Al- Ansari – Qatar


Sonam is the one and only fashionista. I admit that sometimes, I am shocked at her bold choices. But she is my favorite diva always.

Joud Hafri – Palestine


Films aside, she is the perfect model. Her features are in the classic mode and she knows how to give that perfect look. And not to forget, her million-dollar smile.

Worowd Dahir – Iraq







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