The Princess Diaries


She walked the red carpet at the Filmfare ME launch in an AMATO gown and made a heart-warming speech after winning the Icon – Pakistan that called for greater artistic collaborations between both countries. Manju Ramanan catches up with Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat.

My Full name is
Mehwish Hayat
Childhood Dream
To be Audrey Hepburn
Favourite food
My mother’s biryani
Favourite haunt
My bedroom
Name of pets
Oreo, Fluffy and Bruno
My first crush
Keanu Reeves
A Bollywood actor I admire
A Pakistani actor I adore
On a bad hair day
I wear caps. That’s what baseball caps are for.
Passion to me is
To be the flame and not the moth

My first car
My favorite colour
A yesteryear actress I resemble
Hedy Lamarr
When I am furious
It takes a lot to calm me down- usually good food helps.
My biggest victory 
Is yet to come
My first salary buy was
Since it was when I was a child, it probably involved chocolates.
The best compliment I have received
My performance in an international short being compared to a younger Meryl Streep by an English critic
My current favorite film
Mr. and Mrs. Edelmann
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