Thrillers we can’t wait for in 2021

A great thriller keeps you engrossed, making you unable to look away even for a moment. From 2020’s Parasite to Swallow, thriller films are the ones that leave you waiting at the edge of your seat. Luckily for us, 2021 does not seem to disappoint.

These 2021 thrillers range from psychological to political suspense and are ones we promise will leave you breathless. Here are the thrillers to look out for this year:

Death on the Nile

Based on the book by Agatha Christie of the same name, we follow Hercule Poirot, a noteworthy detective investigating the murder of a young heiress while vacationing.

Watch the trailer here:


The upcoming political thriller starring Saif Ali Khan is a nine-part web series that delves into the world’s largest democracy, politics, and people’s greed for power.

Watch the trailer here:


Starring Tom Holland, Cherry is an American crime thriller based on the novel of the same name by Nico Walker. The film follows an army medic turned serial bank robber after his addiction lands him in debt.


For all you k-drama fans, Mouse is a suspense thriller, set to release in February, following an upright rookie police officer whose life gets complicated when he meets a psychopathic serial killer. Starring Lee Seung-gi, the drama delves into psychopathic behaviors and the possibility of identification before birth.

Deep Water

The American psychological thriller starring Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, and Jacob Elordi tells a story of a married couple who have fallen out of love with each other. They begin playing deadly mind games against one another that initiate the deaths of those around them.

Watch the trailer here:

(Contributed by Nikhita H.)


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