Tigers, Leopards, Zebras: How to wear animal prints!

The 90s Bollywood era gave us all the fashion goals as actresses donned leopard printed outfits while dancing to groovy desi music. Even now, animal prints can be the way to go when you want to make a fashion statement. While there are no rights or wrongs in fashion, animal prints are a risky choice and can look tacky if done without guidance. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to look devastatingly good in fierce prints. 

Keep it simple: 

Animal prints aren’t always meant to be worn for special occasions. A simple cheetah printed top with some distressed jeans can help you achieve that stylish yet effortlessly casual look. Keeping it simple, Kriti Sanon looks beautiful in this leopard printed top. 

Your curves will guide you: 

Like most prints, animal prints tend to highlight and add volume to parts of your body. Keeping in mind what you’d like to highlight, choose the type of animal print and the fitting you’d like your outfit to have. You could flaunt your curves with a simple leopard printed skater dress or keep it loose and comfy. 

Accessorize minimally:

Animal prints are bold, and significant all on their own. They often don’t need help from accessories to complete your outfit. Using statement pieces may seem like your accessories are unsuccessfully upstaging your outfit and look unnecessary. Keeping this in mind, keep your accessories simple but significant. 

Keep your prints monochrome: 

Like animals of a pack don’t do well with another pack, one kind of animal print won’t work well with another. For example, wearing a leopard printed shirt with a zebra printed bottom can make your outfit seem abstract and confusing. Maintaining the tone, don’t mix and match animal prints. 

Balance, harmonize, and pop it with a solid colour: 

Regardless of the kind of print, adding a solid pop of colour to your printed ensemble can help you nail your outfit and look like a diva without effort. Not just black and not just bottoms but adding a bright tinge of pink with your purse or a beautiful neon scarf will make you look adventurous and gorgeous. 


(Contributed by Sakshi Prabhu)


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