Tips for your maternity wardrobe

Tips for your maternity wardrobe

Working up to bringing home a new life home is filled with adjustments. But one thing you don’t have to adjust is your style! Here are a few suggestions for a stylish maternity wardrobe.

Buy your size
Often it’s believed that buying oversized clothes for pregnancy is the way to go but, if you’re someone who goes out often and needs to look your best, usual size clothing is your bestfriend.

Adaptable style
In simple terms, go for something that is stretchable, elasticated and comfortable. It’s about the quality and comfort of your wardrobe.

Go natural
By that we mean, always go for natural fiber. Artificial ones might leave rashes and can be very uncomfortable. A cotton dress or a comfy wool sweater will look just as chic as that polyester you might have your eyes on!

Pick your colours
Contemporary colours are the way to go for your wardrobe during pregnancy. The needless panic of having to look for what matches what can be avoided with buying earthy tones that go with everything.

Appropriate undergarments
Wearing the right size bra is important at all times but even more so during pregnancy. The ever changing bust during pregnancy must be well supported and comfortable.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)

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