Tips to make your Nail Polish last longer!

Many of us love to paint our nails but refrain from doing it too often due to fear of the nail polish constantly chipping off too soon. Nail polish, especially on the fingernails tends to chip off quickly due to constant wear and tear, due to too much washing, cleaning, etc. The nails, sometimes outgrow the nail polish. Here are a few tips to help your nail polish last longer:

Always apply a base coat. It may seem like an unnecessarily time-consuming step, but it actually helps the nail polish stick to the nail and last much longer than usual.

Thin Coats
The right way to paint your nails isn’t to apply blobs of thick nail polish but thinner coats. You can do two to three coats for a long-lasting polish.

Wait between coats
Once you apply a coat, wait till it dries for subsequent coats, else the coat will ruin the previous coat and so on, leaving an untidy, unfinished look and a nail polish that will chip off soon.

Paint the tips
The tips of the nails are the most exposed and hence lose the nail polish most quickly. A good way to tackle this is to paint the tips all the way to the inside of the nail. Don’t go all the way in, just stop after you roll the nail polish over onto the other side.

A remover also helps the nail polish adhere to the nails. It is advised to rub some remover on the nails before nail polish application even if you don’t have any nail polish on the nails prior to it.

Applying vinegar to your nails before painting them helps the nail polish adhere to the nails. You must apply the vinegar and leave it to dry. Paint your nails only after the vinegar has completely dried off.

Avoid the Cuticles
The nail polish stays longer on the nails than on the skin, so it is best to avoid applying any on the cuticles to prevent chances of chipping from the cuticles down to the nails.

(Contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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