Vijay Deverakonda’s and his Middle Class Fund helped 17000+ middle class families

Vijay, who is popularly known as Arjun Reddy from the character of his Telugu film , that was remade into several languages,is a benevolent soul.

Vijay is the founder of the much prestigious non-profitable organization ”The Deverakonda Foundation” that marked its origin in April 2019 with exceptional contributions in reviving the career of the youth of the nation with ‘The First Job Program ‘

The foundation, uptil now, has successfully aided 17,723 middle-class families with their groceries and basic essentials, spending 1.7+ cr. Each one of us is aware of how middle-class families are the ones who hit rock bottom whenever there is a quandary and practically has no one to approach or seek for help. Hence, in such trying times, Vijay, who himself hails from a middle-class family and is quite aware of the ramifications, pledged to help the middle-class people get through this pandemic with an adequate amount of essentials and groceries.

Vijay’s foundation has carefully crafted the use of funds and donations by Zero wastage of capital, as they have minutely verified every detail of the families who had approached them for help. The organization had urged the corporates to help with volunteering and 535 people have extended their hands in support of this utmost noble cause and successfully helped out thousands of families who were tremendously impacted during this rough patch.

This extensive gesticulation by the foundation has revived a whole heap of families in crisis and Vijay’s active involvement in helping out people in their hardships is unconditional, and comes with nil expectation of achieving any sort of limelight and fame. He has been standing like a backbone supporting these middle-class families and his extremely down to earth gesture is commendable. This initiative was solely for the purpose to battle Corona crisis and now, since the lockdown 5.0 has enough relaxations and every sector in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is slowly resuming business, the initiative shuts its operation from 2nd June 2020. The foundation has done an outstanding job in aiding the working-class families who have always been neglected and deprived section of the society. With a transparent system of overseeing the finances and an efficient functioning the foundation and Vijay has all our applause and hearts.



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