War on Water

The film speaks about the war between USA and Japan when Japan’s navy air forces attacked Pearl Harbor, the naval base in Honolulu on the Pacific Ocean on the 7th of Dec. 1941. The film shows the techniques and the theories that USA’s navy followed to win the war.


Japan targets Midway to attack USA but, the US forces plan a trap for the Japanese.  If you haven’t read about the history of this war, you would say that definitely, Japan will win the war. Due to their advanced weapons, numbers and stronger ships and army aircrafts, they were the winners. But, the US Navy won the war with their brave and intelligent plan.

This film is based on untold events – the sacrifices the army gave to save their country will touch your heart. Not to mention, most of the actors in this film who have a personal attachment to the event. The film is directed by Ronald Emmerich and produced by Harald Kloser with Ronald Emmerich.



Behind the scenes of this film is another story itself. Real ships and army aircrafts have been used, shooting in the ocean and graphics more to be real. Not a lot of background music is used, more bullets and guns sounds. What you will really enjoy while watching the movie is the feeling that you get, you will feel that you are in the war itself. Every angle of this war is covered in one frame. The actors poured their souls in the film saluting all the soldiers who went through a lot to bring the peace back on seas.

The stars of the film did a great job and Nick Jonas, has a breathtaking scene in the film, where he jumps in the army aircraft suddenly on the ship.

Starring Nick Jonas, Luke Evans, Patrick Wilson, Woody Harreison, Ed Skrein and Aaron Echkart.

The movie will be released on 7th of November. 2019

Filmfare Middle East Rating: 4/5


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