Yes, We Can!

October is the breast cancer awareness month. Owing to the Covid 19 situation, we at Filmfare ME haven’t held our annual event FFME4Cancer. However, these brave women we spoke to, will certainly keep you inspired of what they learnt from the dreaded disease.


An Indomitable Will!

Zoha Beig

CEO and Founder, 321 Events

Ali and Arwa trading LLC

The effervescent and gregarious Zoha Beig was detected with cervical cancer in 2017 and in the beginning of 2018, underwent a surgery followed radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  When she was recovering, the cancer relapsed and the whole painful process lasted close to two and a half years. Zoha is cancer free now and shares a few perspectives that changed her life.

Health is the real wealth.

Cancer made me understand that importance of a healthy lifestyle which I clearly ignored previously. I now make sure to look after myself, eat healthy and exercise. I ensure to keep my immunity high because that is particularly important. Also, prayer and meditation are the best stress reliever.

Pleasure comes in small doses.

Cancer had taught me to savour life fully and treat each moment we breathe, as a gift. I have realised that spending time with my family and friends is the most precious thing and we should cherish those moments. I am now aware that making memories for today is what matters the most and I have learned to appreciate all small things in life.

Never Ever Give Up

Giving up is easy and one loses the essence of experiencing life, if someone says it cannot be done. I am determined to prove them wrong. Having cancer shows you that you can be persistent and no obstacle is bigger than this deadly disease.

Material things mean nothing

All that matters, is well-being. I don’t worry about material things that consumed my life before cancer.  A luxury car or a branded bag doesn’t matter when you don’t have health or your loved ones by your side.

Look good, feel good.

There were times when I used to feel low after treatment but my daughter encouraged me to dress up and show up. This really uplifted my confidence and made me realise that, in moments like these, a little dressing up truly lifts your spirit and makes you feel beautiful. Cancer might be life-altering but it doesn’t define me.

But I fought and won……

Fiza Khan

Head of Sales and Business Development

Petrochemical Association

The bright eyed and cheerful Fiza Khan is a story of courage.  Since the last year and half, she has been undergoing treatment to beat cancer. At the FilmfareME4Cancer event in 2019, she had come after one of her chemotherapy sessions and resolved to kick the disease out of her life. Here’s here take on what she experienced and learnt.

Keep a positive attitude

What is cancer but a disease. But you need a lot of strength – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength to face it. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions drain you, kill you, make you feel lifeless as if you are a zombie. You feel like some liquid metal filled with poison is flowing through your veins, but guess what. The human spirit wins against all odds. Take one step at a time.

Don’t take health for granted

Get yourself checked today. Delaying it or ignoring it is not worth the pain.

Live now!

Have fun with family and friends. Live for today because we aren’t sure of tomorrow. Practice to live in the moment and enjoy the little things – a cup of Maggi, some chai with friends, a sTiktok video, go ahead and do it!

 Do not Worry

It only adds to your pressure if you worry. So, don’t sit on the problem or wait (it could become bigger and you could go from stage 1 to stage 4 without releasing the magnitude and that can impact you and your closest people). Meet your problems, face it, beat it before it takes over and consumes you!

Be kind to Yourself

Don’t forget that you are human. It is perfectly ok to have a meltdown. Cry and then refocus on your life. Cancer is just one chapter of our life, not the whole story. It came, but you fought and won!


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