7 must—have products for your daily routine

Taking good care of your body guarantees good health for your body as well and your mind. Give the best treatment to yourself with these must—have products for your daily routine!

It is essential to keep your skin hydrated and moisturising it twice a day is the way to go! For dry skin look for moisturizers with hyaluronic acid, essential oils and beeswax etc.

Detangling Spray
Brushing your hair through tangles causes not only breakage but also weakening hair. Detangling sprays help with release the knots effortlessly and effectively!

With the this summer heat and the ever increasing global warming, you absolutely can’t step out without a sunscreen. One with SPF 30 or higher does the trick!

Your face is the most exposed part of your body to the impurities and dust. We can’t emphasise enough the importance of using a cleanser face wash that best suits your skin!

Mascara makes your eyelashes look longer and darker. Putting on a little mascara at the start of your day will make your eyes pop out!

Make up remover
Just washing away your make is not enough to keep your skin healthy. Removing your make up with a good make up remover is essential!

Eye masks
Be it a cream or a cold compressor, eye masks are vital for you. With the lifestyle most of lead that include longer screentime and shorter sleeping hours, give your eyes some much needed relief with an eye mask every night when you sleep!

These are the 7 must—have products for your daily routine. Let us know what products your daily routine includes!

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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