Bazm-E-Urdu Dubai is celebrating birth centenary of the great Urdu poet and Lyricist Kaifi Azmi

Bazm-E-Urdu Dubai is celebrating birth centenary of the great Urdu poet and Lyricist Kaifi Azmi in its Annual Event Mehfil-E-Urdu 2019, on 29th August, 8.00 PM at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Oudh Metha. Kaifi Azmi belonged to landlords’  or zameendaar family of Uttar Pradesh, but gave up all the luxuries to live a life of a commoner to feel the pain and hardships of the masses . He was one of the strong pillars of the Progressive Writers’ Movement of India, who wrote about the hardships of the downtrodden and demanded equality. He was awarded one of the highest civilian Awards Padma Shri by the Government of India. He also won the National Award for Best Lyrics.

Aptly titled ‘Jashn-E-Kaifiyaat’ the Annual Event will be decorated with the presence and participation of stalwarts from the Indian Film & Music industry, like Shabana Azmi, Kanwaljit Singh, Tanvi Azmi and Irshad Kamil.

 Interesting facts:

  1. Kaifi Azmi wrote his 1st ghazal at the tender age of 11 years, this ghazal became immortal when the legendary Begum Akhtar lent her voice to it.
  2. He is the only writer to have written the dialogues for a full movie in verse or poetry form. Heer- Ranjha written by Kaifi Azmi is out and out poetry in its purest form).

 Bazm-E-Urdu’s  ‘Jashn-E-Kaifiyaat’ will have the iconic Shabana Azmi talk about her father, the man, the poet, the social activist, the legend, Kaifi Azmi. Shabana Azmi has acted in more than 100 Indian films and many International projects as well. She was honored with the prestigious Padma Bhushan Award by the Government of India in 2012 and has been nominated to Rajya Sabha  (Upper House of the Indian Parliament). A Musical Tribute will be paid to Kaifi Azmi where singers and live orchestra will perform some of his famous filmi and non-filmi pieces of poetry.

Interesting facts:

  1. Shabana Azmi  has won the National Award for Best Actor in India for 5 times , which is the highest ever till date for any actor.
  2. She has also won the  Filmfare Award 5 times .
  3. Shabana Azmi also sings  well and her abba Kaifi Azmi wanted her to pursue singing).

Legends like Kaifi Azmi live forever through the wealth of beautiful poetry and songs they have given to the world!!!

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Filmfare ME partners with Mehfil-e-Urdu 2019 to celebrate the birth centenary of Kaifi Azmi. LIVE coverage on 29th August, 8 pm, onwards.


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