Bipasha Basu upset with media over false pregnancy reports!

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover make a lovely couple and we certainly love their Instagram posts and fancy vacations. The duo have been married for almost two years now and still seem to look like newly married. Lately the rumors of Bipasha’s pregnancy are doing rounds on the internet. And obviously the actress is not at all happy about it.

Finally bringing an end to all such rumors and lashing out at the media Bipasha released a statement, “This is ridiculous; it’s a sad thing for women. I know that having a baby is a wonderful feeling, but there’s a lot more to the woman. Just because you’re married you don’t have to have a baby.”

This is not the first time Bipasha is upset about such rumors. She had tweeted earlier as well saying, “Amused yet again. I kept a bag on my lap while getting into my car and certain media people started my pregnancy speculation again. Guys, I am not pregnant. Kind of getting irritating. Stay calm. It will happen only when we want it.”

Whatever is said and done, we love the couple and we are sure they will make the most beautiful and cutest babies ever


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