Breast cancer survivors day!

Today is National Mammography day – A day dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer and spreading the importance of its early detection. While we salute the spirit of the survivors and the fighters, here are 3 ways you can maintain a healthy lifestyle:

1.Being physically active

One of the most crucial ways you can keep your body fit and healthy is via being physically fit. To make sure that your body isn’t becoming obsolete indulge yourself in activities that help you with cardio, stretching and such activities where you are able to keep up your energy levels and that help you build strength and resistance.

2. Healthy diet

Along with being physically fit you need to make sure that you are providing your body with the nutrients and energy it requires to keep your body functioning throughout the day. Consuming food items high in protein and vitamins will help your body build immunity against aliments.

3. Getting enough sleep

Another main factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes providing your body with enough rest and sleep for it to rejuvenate and be ready to function the next day without causing any hindrance to your busy schedule.

Contributed by Dhara Shah


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