Filmfare’s Bollywood HI-Tea Event

On Tuesday 27th November, your favorite regional bloggers attended a lively Bollywood high tea event hosted by Filmfare Middle East. The event took place at Indus Restaurant, World Trade Center, Dubai. This event was supported by Biori, Forever52, Thumbay Hospital and Sampure Minerals.

Manju Ramanan & Anamika Priyadarshan
Ritu Chaturvedi, Ala Madhu & Sumeet Bakshi

Ala Madhu, Nada Al Barazi, Sumeet Bakshi & Manju Ramanan
Ala Madhu, Sumeet Bakshi, Manju Ramanan & Pankaj Solanki



Nazia Jawwad
Nada Al Barazi
Kirti Shimpi & Manju Ramanan
Priyanka Sarkar & Manju Ramanan
Mariyam, Fatima & Mariam
Fatima, Mariam & Mariyam
Meghna, Nazia Jawwad & Lara Tabet
Lara Tabet & Abhiti Dudeja
Mariam, Fatima, Mariyam, Hanan, Meghna, Abhiti, Manju, Arsh, Lara, Ritu, Nada, Kirti, Ines, Mitali, Lavina, Nazia & Lakhsha
Mariam, Fatima & Mariyam
Manju Ramanan, Ala Madhu & Priyanka Sarkar
Ala Madhu
Lavina Israni
Ala Madhu

Sally & Pankaj Solanki
Deepika Bhatia, Lavina Israni & Meghna
Fatima, Mariyam & Mariam
Deepika Bhatia & Arsh Naqwi
Ala Madhu & Sumeet Bakshi
Ala Madhu, Sumeet Bakshi & Manju Ramanan
Ala Madhu, Nada Al Barazi, Sumeet Bakshi & Manju Ramanan
Latifa & Nada Al Barazi
Sumeet Bakshi, Ala Madhu & Manju Ramanan
Sreekutty Arun
Lara Tabet
Arsh Naqwi & Sumeet Bakshi
Nazia Jawwad
Kirti Shimpi, Manju Ramanan, Sumeet Bakshi, Ala Madhu, Sunil Anand, Arsh Naqwi & Cheryl D’souza



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