Arabic Henna With Alizeh!

Between the Middle East, India, and Pakistan, there are many things in common, but when it’s beauty, the one thing that comes to our minds is Henna. Whether it’s Eid, Diwali, or a wedding, Henna is a must for many women in the region. Recently, we discovered a girl who draws Henna in a way will make you wish that this Henna stays forever. Hanan Yehia Mulazem speaks to the talented girl Alizeh Jamali.


Tell us about yourself?

My name is Alizeh Jamali and I’m 20 years old, I am from Pakistan and living in Dubai since 2010. My qualification is an ongoing bachelor’s in business. I started my career in this profession when I was around 13 years old I haven’t taken any classes professionally to learn henna it’s just I love to hold henna cones and start doing my own magic.I love to see my clients happy. I choose Instagram as my platform to show others my talent and I feel amazing. I’m doing what makes my soul shine.

Why did you decide to start this project?

I started my own business as a henna artist to help my family financially because I’m the eldest so I want to see my parents happy and satisfied, but I truly love my work, I love the appreciation I get. One thing I have learned if you put your mind in anything surely you will achieve it.

What is so special about your Henna?

My henna is special because I’m making my henna paste by myself. I’m not using any chemicals for the darker stain, I’m using organic lavender oil and the natural henna powder, for me when someone Is approaching me to make henna for them its means they are trusting my work and my product so I want to take care of them and there trust.

Do you use all types of Henna? Even the white one?

Yes, I use colorful henna and white henna as well but I’m a little scared of using black henna because it has those chemicals which will harm your skin but the white and color full henna doesn’t contain any chemicals so it is absolutely safe.

Do you ask the customers about how they want the Henna? Or do you go ahead with what you have in mind?

Whenever I get an inquiry for henna, first I ask about how many ladies? What’s the location and what’s the occasion? Then I share them my Instagram account to have a look at the designs that I do and they can choose from it. I’m doing henna home service all over in UAE charging according to the designs and location, I’m not charging any extra for transportation is kind of free henna home service.

Do you use Henna for other purposes besides drawing on hand? Like for hair treatments?

No, I don’t but I teach people online through my insta stories thrice a week ( henna design) for free.



Find her on Instagram: @arabichennadesigns


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