Check out Billie Eilish nail those rainbow colours!

We all love Billie Eilish’s music and as curious as we always feel for her next album, we are always eager to know her next hair color. She has had so many different colors that we are often confuse about her original hair color. If you are as intrigued by her variety of hair colors as we are, and here we have rounded up all her hair colors:

Light Brown 

Yes you are right you are looking at the original hair color of Billie, which too looks just as beautiful.

Neon green and black

Do you recall the amount of surprise and shock you felt when you first saw this color. This hair color of Billie was a total hit.

Black with ink blue streaks

This indeed was one of our favorites out of all the colors Billie ever tried.

Seafoam green

Maybe this was Billie’s attempt to get rid of blue but still have a hint of it.

Ink black

We would be lying if we’d say that this wasn’t mistaken as Billie’s original hair color and yes that’s how perfectly she sported this one.

Faded denim blue

We were obsessed with this hair color of Billie and it was definitely very soothing to look at.

Platinum white

The singer has always kept up with her different choices of hair color, even in the starting when her music started getting traction she colored her hair platinum white.

Bright blue

Although Billie Eilish happens to hate blue, its difficult to trust her with her so many variations with the color.


When Billie tried smoky grey color, she looked so stunning that everyone must have thought about trying the color.

Platinum Silver

The same year when she had platinum white, she toned it down to silver.

Charcoal grey with black roots

Billie looked absolutely incredible when she tried on this combination.

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma) 


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