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Good Newwz is a 2019 Bollywood romance-drama, helmed by Raj Mehta. The movie stars Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani in the lead roles. The movie is produced by Hiroo Johar, Aruna Bhatia, Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta and Shashank Khaitan under the banner Dharma Productions and Cape of Good Films Pvt.Ltd. The movie has its camera wielded by Vishnu Rao.

Good Newwz is all set to hit the big screens on December 27, 2019.

Dubai residents to watch Batra Vs Batra in the Vox Theater near you – Tell us what according to you was the Good Newwz of 2019 that makes the year so special.

Share your Good Newwz in the comments section below and Filmfare Middle East wishes you 2020 filled with lots of Good Newwz.

Watch the trailer of Good Newwz below


  1. Good newz for me in 2019 getting my new job after my job loss .. Was a blessing in Disguise.. Grateful and Thankful for this gift🙏✨😊

  2. The best good newzz I received in 2019 was the profession criteria being removed to sponsor visa for family in UAE. Can’t wait to watch the movie with my loved ones.

  3. Hi
    This year blessed me with so many good news….That my princess called me mama first time this year♥️I got promotion this year ♥️ can able to reduce 7 kg this year ♥️…Got driving license this year ♥️….Now hoping to hear the good news that to winning this contest ❤️.. Thank you

  4. The surprise of exploring Dubai on an amphibian plane – Seawings plane Dubai and the 34th birthday surprise to beautiful Serbia . was truly the bestest ❤️
    #ContestAlert – #GoodNewwz

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  5. This year blessed with so many blessings… My little princess called me mama first time this year ♥️ I got promotion this year ♥️ I got driving license this year ♥️… And I am waiting for hearing good news that I am one of the winner of this contest.Thank you.

    1. My 2019 memorable moments when I was won iPhoneX 📱 from FAB page on my bday 🥰 🎀 🎁 my best gift ever
      Wishing u ND ur entire team happy New year 🎉

  6. When my sister passed with 94% in 12th std which was not expected because she was sick during board exams and she stood first🙂 and when I got best employee award for the month of that’s how it makes this year so special..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !! ♥️🙂

  7. My Good Newzz for 2019 is when my sister got married and I could just dance and dance all night!

  8. In 2019 the good news was tat I finally got my pink baby Polaroid .. I wanted it from so long n finally I own one .. I was longing for it since months …
    I hope to hear one more good news by winning the tickets to awesome movie Good Newzzz …
    Hope to be lucky ❤️

  9. Good News in 2019 appeared to me by pointing towards a brighter year for capital market activity, especially equities after a couple of challenging years. Equity markets in the UAE are expected to rebound strongly during the year after a period of consolidation, especially in Dubai. Favourable valuation, higher dividend yields and key events should drive investor interest in capitalising the growth opportunities within the UAE going forward.

  10. The biggest good newwz this year was to see Kapil Sharma’s picture with Sunil Grover along with Salman Khan. Seems like they have patched up & we will get to see the duo doing their magic again on screen. 🙂

  11. The biggest good news was downloading the free calling app ” totok” which even works on 4g . Absolutely amazing !!! What more can I ask for, unlimited calls to my family without any additional money! That is a good news definitely!! Wish to win

  12. Akshay Kumar having 4 releases is the Good Newwz of 2019, 2020 & upcoming years 😀 #GoodNewwz

  13. In 2019 the Good Newwz was my Mom Visited us here in Dubai for 1st Time she was too excited to visit here and explore dubai.

  14. I became an aunt this year. My sister was blessed with a child after 10 long years. This news made my yesr sooo special. Have been cuddling with my newphew ever since. The bundle of joy has become my life. Thankyou for the opportunity @filmfaremiddleeast

  15. SO many bad news during the year but one good news was that my father was critical but happily discharged and came out from hospital after being operated and treated for Cancer for almost 3 months .

  16. My one of the best and memorable 2019 moment….🥰 When I was won iPhoneX 📱from FAB page on my bday my best ever gift indeed …

  17. In 2019 best news is i met my childhood friend after 10 years in Dubai.

    I never thought that i will meet her in my life after schooling..

    Merry Christmas Team & Happy New Year.

  18. My 2019 memorable moments when I was won iPhoneX 📱 from FAB page on my bday one of the best gift ever

  19. For me the good newz was of 2019 was a surprise gift from my husband on my birthday. Samsung 10+

  20. The day I started my second masters after delivering a baby , I was reluctant but my husband and my in laws supported me to go for it !! That’s the good news of the year 2019 for me .

  21. The good news and the best news for me this year was my Best Friend moved to Dubai where I live and it’s been unbelievable and amazing news !! 🎈🎈

  22. Good news for me was when I got admission in my dream course and my dream college. Cheers to new beautiful beginnings!!

  23. I went for a South Indian Roadshow and participated in few games but didnt win because i was not able to understand the language being a north Indian. However i was very upset for not winning initially but to my surprise i won the last game and the grand prize which was a trip to Malaysia (all expense paid trip)🤩🤩. I never expected myself winning this despite of so much struggle to understand the language and still win. This was thr bestest good newzz for me this year! ♥️♥️ i hope to receive 1 last good newzz before the end of this year and thats the free tickets to watch #Goodnewzz hope to win 😀😀🤩 fingers crossed 🙂🙂

  24. GoodNewwz is that my daughter in law is expecting
    And it’s Twins. So very happy.
    Wish to win this Amazing movie.

  25. My 2019 memorable moments when I was won iPhoneX 📱 from FAB page on my bday 🥰 🎀 🎁 my best gift ever
    Wishing u ND ur entire team happy New year 🎉

  26. In the beginning of the year 2019….i visited a holy place karbala with my family…. It’s a dream come true……
    Merry Christmas and happy new year 2020

  27. When my son got admission in the school he wanted to join and it made all of us very happy to

  28. The good news in 2019 for me is that my son ‘s very first music video album was launched in Middle East ,also he was awarded by Bollywood actor SOHAIL KHAN .

  29. This is the best memory for me in 2019. Meeting my entire family and husband’s family at my sister’s wedding.. It had been almost 3 years meeting everyone after my wedding.. I would like to share my most beautiful memory at the wedding with my nana and my husband’s nana as well. Could meet my nana for the 1st time after my nani passed away, i thank for the blessings they have always showered on us for our bright future. Thank you for making this as my best remembrance.

  30. Good NEwws : celebrated 15 years of my wedding anniversary , and wish to watch the movie and have fun with my hubby

  31. Good newzz for me this year was getting a new Job after so much struggle. Finally i am able to make my family stay in Dubai as we were worried that we might go back to India if i dont get a new job. hope to win with u also 🎈🎈#GoodNewwz

  32. I got my kids admission in the school we were trying for and it’s been a great news as we were expecting the results everyday and that one sms made our day to celebrate.

  33. Good Newws i received in 2019 was that my hubby called up me and saying Do packing we are going to Georgia….this is good newws because since 2013 after my pregnancy i didn’t had a weeklong break….#goodnewwswithFFME

  34. This year’s good news for me is I invited my Family to dubai and i am having an amazing time with me.. We will be celebrating news yer togethef♥️ Hope to win and enjoy the movie with them

  35. Meeting my granny after so many years was the best moment and she is still so healthy being 90 years that was the best news , happy new year team

  36. I got iphone x pro from my dad..

    This is best gift i got coz i never used iphone.

    Happy New Year Team.

  37. We got best good news when my sister born cute daughter.

    We welcome her in our house & so excited for that..

  38. Best Gift we went to my destination place Paris & Switzerland.

    My dream come true..

    Hope to win amazing gift on new year & enjoy the movie with my love.

  39. Got promoted to a BDM was the best good news I got in 2019. Another good news is anticipated in 2020 as now I know I am capable of taking care of a child.

  40. After year’s of hard work and saving, this year I purchased a home for my parents in their name, in my home country India ☺️💞

  41. Thanks filmfare
    My good news for 2019 was a promotion and raise in salary which made my 2019 awesome

  42. The Good newzz of 2019is that I am blessed with the baby boy and We got a chance to live parenthood once again and my elder son’s wish to have a baby brother is fulfilled..


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