Five times Priyanka Chopra Jonas proved that there’s nobody like our desi girl!

Global icon Priyanka Chopra Jonas has made waves by constantly putting India on the global map. However, as it turns out, you can take the Indian out of India but you can’t take the India out of the Indian! And PeeCee has proven this time and again! In spite of being time zones away from India, Priyanka has upheld every Indian tradition, ritual and value. The international powerhouse is ever ready to represent India on a global scale and introduce our culture to the west. You know what they say – nobody like our desi girl!
• Recently, Priyanka Chopra was recorded talking about her schooling experience in the US as a child. Apparently, kids used to ask her ‘dumb’ questions like, “Do you ride elephants and cows to school?’” She said, “They couldn’t believe that we had cars. I was so mad. I had a project coming up for my final grade and I went home and stayed up all night. I printed out images of modern India: of Mumbai, technology, and all of the cool stuff we have. I remember I got an A on that presentation.” She also added, “I’ve always felt like I’m an ambassador for India. It’s something I’ll continue doing as long as I can.”
• When American singer Kelly Clarkson credited Priyanka Chopra for fixing her makeup during a show, Priyanka immediately credited the kind act to the Indian in her! She said, “”It’s also the Indian in me, I think. It’s a very cultural thing for me, being all up in your business and be like ‘Let me just get you! Come here, come here, show me your face. Clean you up, go on ahead’. It’s very cultural!”
• Priyanka Chopra has never missed an opportunity to celebrate an Indian festival. And what’s more! Courtesy, PeeCee, Indian culture is being seen on the world stage. Her grand celebrations of Indian festivals have always made global headlines. Recently, her Diwali pooja with beau Nick Jonas in tow caught the media eye.
• Priyanka’s conscious choices of international brand partnerships mean more representation for India. As part of the Victoria’s Secret Collective, Priyanka Chopra made no qualms about the fact that she was doing this for representation. She took to her Instagram to post about it. She wrote, “Representation matters. It’s crucial for us to show everyone ALL over the world that they matter and are seen! As a founding partner of #TheVSCollective and advisor to the business this is exactly what I intend to do.”
• When India was in trouble during the second wave, our desi girl immediately jumped into action by requesting the U.S. government to share their vaccines with India. In an emotional video, PeeCee appealed for help. “India is my home and India is bleeding. I’ll tell you why we need to care – because unless everyone is safe, no one is safe. So, please use your resources and focus your energy on helping stop this pandemic. Please donate,” she said in the video. She also rallied the troops globally, set up a fundraiser and raised INR 22 Crore for India’s COVID relief fund. An idol in need is an idol indeed!


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