Go bold! Go short! Hair cuts for women in 2021!

“Women in 2021 may prefer to go bold yearning for the much-desired change post 2020. We are talking about short haircuts that  redefine you and are far from traditional,” says Cherizeh Ghadiali, Stylist at The Grove Salons Dubai. A fact agreed to by Ruchika Singhal, Founder and Managing Director of The Grove Salons Dubai. “Since the start of the pandemic, all of us have adapted from a life inside the workplace to a life working from home. Dressing up has moved to relaxed, comfortable wear that helps juggle between work and housework instantly. We prefer loungewear and athletic wear that’s easy to clean and saves on laundry costs,” she adds.

These flexible, do-it-all pieces — pants that work for yoga or the office, polo shirts for work or a run — are preferred in breathable fabrics, in basic colors.  Bold and pop colors will be in style as an instant mood boosters, for Zoom calls or a family dinner. And so, hair-styles follow suit!

Tell us about the hairstyles of 2021?

Overall, the trends for 2021 spells  bold, empowering and liberating and we are all out to embrace it. That includes super shaggy haircuts with lots of layers that flow naturally. The modern messy shag has the advantage of having minimum styling effort and looks modish. It is a sure shot choice for women who are constantly busy and have less time for styling.

A few hair care tips you would recommend to our readers?

Finding a routine that works for your hair has everything to do with incorporating moisture in your hair, smart styling, and regular trims.

  1. The Wash & Dry Routine

Wash your hair with lukewarm water. With added hours to your routine, spend more time and care for your hair in detangling, applying product in smaller sections and deep conditioning.

     2. Styling your Hair
Always use a Heat Protector before styling your hair. While some may prefer to use a round brush and perform a complete blow-dry, the tension method of holding a section of hair taught while drying is just as effective.

     3.Wrapping it up
If you do work from home, you are usually on your bed or against the pillows/ cushions that causes friction thus making your hair dry and brittle. Preserve your hair’s moisture by wrapping your hair in colourful scarves during the day. Create a cute look with minimal effort and look like a trendsetter in your next Zoom meeting.

    4.Visit your Stylist     

Relax and unwind by visiting your hair-stylist for an exfoliating and hair- conditioning  treatment and refresh roots to keep your scalp and hair healthy.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is perceptive and qualitative to me. Natural beauty is what is inside out. It’s not only about hair, clothes and makeup. Beauty to me is embracing oneself, exuding confidence and radiating warmth and care.

A make-up hack you recommend?

In these unusual times where we all wear masks, it is the eyes that do the talking and lips that can’t be seen. Most beauty brands are seeing astronomical rise in sales of eye makeup. Make a bold statement with graphic liners, bold eyeshadows and spruced lashes and slip your masks on. Get experimental, spend time in mastering your eyeshadow.

Do not ignore your skin’s health.

Face masks and the weather in the UAE inhibit the skin to breath and could result in clogged pores and breakouts (called ‘Maskne’).

We would recommend minimum makeup and advise to avoid foundations or heavy formulations below the eyes. Focus on skin health by investing in skin care products suited to your skin type.

Exfoliate and cleanse your skin regularly to help your pores breathe after you take off the masks.



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