Heels for those who dare to be different!

We’ve earlier looked at stilettos and block heels and while you may think the list is over, it’s not. There are some heels only for those who dare to be different. For all of you fashionistas who find normal boring, here’s a list to spice up your shoe rack and your wardrobe:

Fantasy Heels
Fantasy heels can’t be easily fantasized about. In fact, they are beyond the scope of imagination. The heels come in different shapes – from butterflies, thorns to spirals. The only person who can possibly go gaga over it is Lady Gaga and maybe YOU.

Comma Heels
These heels are shaped like the punctuation – comma. Now those heels make quite a statement and you got your quotes too.

Oxford Heels
Oxford heels were worn by academicians in the yesteryear, but have found a way back into the mainstream with the heels. They look quite chic with the formal look.

Pompadour Heels
Pompadour heels are short and with a curve. To be honest, they look quite ancient, and not a lot of people can be spotted wearing those except those into retro fashion.

Transparent Heels

Photo Credit: aliexpress.com

Here, either your heels can be transparent or the whole footwear. If you choose to wear these, get yourself a pedicure first and make sure the shoe fits you well.

So, how many of you are up for these?

(Contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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