How to Ranveer Yourself Up!

Ranveer Singh is as well-known for his bold and bizarre fashion choices, as he is for his brilliant performances. Not only does he don quirky clothes, but carries them off with confidence too. And if you’re inspired by his bold fashion statements, but are too afraid to try, we have some pointers just for you. While it may seem unnerving, it isn’t that hard to pull off the looks like Ranveer Singh. Let’s see some of the outfits that you can bring to your wardrobe to Ranveer yourself up:

A Colourful Hoodie

Ranveer Singh sporting a hoodie washed with colours.

A hoodie is one of the simplest things one can have in their wardrobe. To make it more Ranveer-like, just pick one with lots of colour in it.

A Turtle-neck

Ranveer Singh’s post on Instagram.

Who said turtle-necks are not in style anymore? Ranveer Singh is here to change your mind. We hope you will not be hesitant in buying a turtle-neck anymore.

A Sequinned Sherwani

Ranveer Singh in a photoshoot.

Sherwanis are an imperative part of the wedding wardrobe. But why go for the usual, heavily embroidered one? We say, give the sequins one a try!

A Leather Jacket

Ranveer Singh sporting a leather jacket.

If you want to go to the airport or the movies looking dapper but feeling warm, Ranveer Singh’s leather jacket is the solution for you. Simple, easy, and spunky, what more could you ask for? Add a few funky patches for effect!

A Striped Tuxedo

Ranveer Singh sports a striped Tuxedo for his Instagram.

Nothing can beat the tux look, except a striped tux look. The stripes add definition to your body like no other.

But, if you’re feeling a little too fancy, here are two bonus outfits for you:

The Blazer with Shoulder Blades

Ranveer Singh at Filmfare Awards.

Want to look armoured in a suit? This may be the one for you. Ranveer Singh’s blazer with bladed shoulders makes him look no less than a superhero and can awake your inner superhero too.

The Printed/Painted/Stamped Blazer

Ranveer Singh in a photoshoot for Versace.

Stripes are for beginners, but if you’ve managed to make your way through intermediate to advanced, a patterned blazer whether printed, painted, or stamped is a showstopper. You can easily steal the limelight in this one.

Now add dollops of confidence and you’re ready to rock any look. Hope this brings you closer to rousing your inner Ranveer!


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