Local summer coolers to help you stay hydrated this Ramadan!

Summer is here! Vitamin D in the most natural form for the taking! Good riddance to those heavy winter wears, now safely packed off for another few months at least.

But, wait! Summer also brings possibilities of dehydration.

Thanks to the high temperature and humidity, your body loses water in various ways. Along with water, essential salts and minerals are also lost. So, it is important to replenish the lost nutrients as soon as possible.

Here’re some healthy local summer coolers to quench the summer thirst this Ramadan!

Carob juice or Kharoub

Kharoub is a traditional drink that was made popular in Egypt. It is very popular in the Middle East for being a refreshing, nutrient-rich and tasty beverage.

Kharoub, also known as carob juice, is essential for Ramadan fasting as it is high in fiber, protein, and antioxidants.

Amar al Din

This drink is probably the most popular Ramadan drink in the Middle East and is great for the Ramadan season. Its main ingredient is dried apricot or apricot paste.

Amar al-Din is a popular iftar drink as it is known to aid digestion, regulate metabolism as well as containing healthy properties such as vitamins and minerals.


Jallab is one of the most popular drinks in the UAE and all over the Middle East. Made from dates syrup, grape molasses, carob, rosewater, and sprinkled with raisins and pine nuts, it’s arguably one of the most popular Ramadan drinks to get you feeling reinvigorated.

Jallab is often times low in calories, does not contain artificial sweeteners and goes down smooth.


Rumman is the Arabic word for the pomegranate fruit. It is a tangy drink that is popular around Palestine and Lebanon. The fruit is sweet but it has it’s health benefits such as antioxidant drink which improves one’s vision.


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