Thanksgiving 2020 fun facts: Jingle Bells is not your Christmas rhyme!

While the celebration for your favorite day of the year might look different this time because of the ongoing pandemic we have something to keep you entertained, waiting for your food to be cooked and small celebration at home to begin, here are 5 facts about thanksgiving that you would definitely want to share on the dinner table tonight:

Thanksgiving on third Thursday

A very long time after President Lincoln formally pronounced Thanksgiving a public occasion, President Roosevelt needed to blend things up by moving it up to the third Thursday in November rather than the fourth.

Jingle Bells was thanksgiving song

Prior to turning into a Christmas hymn, “Jingle Bells” was a 1857 melody named “One Horse Open Sleigh,” and its composer, James Pierpont, planned it to be a Thanksgiving Day tune. In any case, it turned out to be so mainstream around December 25 that in 1859 the title was changed to “Jingle Bells”.

Wednesday is Drinksgiving

The Christmas season is a period of festivity, which means toasts upon toasts are made. Prior to the yearly blowout even starts, there’s the prior night Thanksgiving which has come to be known as perhaps the booziest days of the year. It’s even called Black Wednesday in some places.

Turkey, the bird and the country

During the Ottoman Empire, guinea fowl were sent out from East Africa by means of Turkey to Europe, and Europeans began calling the winged creatures turkey cocks or turkey hens because of the shipping lane. So when Europeans originally cruised to North America and found winged animals that seemed to be like guinea fowl, they started calling them turkeys.

Not big fans of classic Thanksgiving dishes

60% Americans are not biggest fans of classic dishes on thanksgiving, as per a 2019 Instacart study of in excess of 2,000 U.S. adults led online by The Harris Poll, however they’ll actually eat them to pay tribute to convention. Times are evolving, 30% of Thanksgiving supper has have served some different option from turkey as their primary course.

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma) 


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