Immortalized and Unforgettable – Sridevi

February 24th was a day filled with the harshness of reality and the somber shade of loss, as the world said goodbye to an iconic actress – Sridevi. Today marks the completion of one whole year since her untimely death, and the industry still hasn’t come to terms with this loss. Regarded as the “first female superstar” of Indian cinema, the late actress made her debut as a child actor in the year 1967 at the age of 4, and has contributed to the industry for over five decades – leaving behind an arsenal of films, acts, and some of the most iconic numbers in the history of Bollywood.

Sridevi played a variety of roles in her life, both on-screen and off. She was an unmatched actress, a spectacular dancer, a supportive wife and a caring mother. As we pay tribute to her great soul, let’s remember the most iconic dances that have immortalized the star-performer that she truly was.



We start the list off with this hit song that is still a widely popular tune all around India. What makes the song is Sridevi’s unparalleled dance steps that engaged her audience off-screen just as much as the one in the film. You see the colorful grace in every move Sridevi makes as she dons her choodiyan!



This 1987 track has seen constant remakes throughout the years, but none of those could match the classic performance displayed by the actress. Hawa Hawaii is a token display of Sridevi’s unique expressions that are second to none even today. The hit song pairs her expressions along with her natural charisma and giving a treat to the viewers as she flutters around throughout the song.



Another hit song in the arsenal of Sridevi numbers, Naino Mein Sapna was one of the most iconic songs of that era of Bollywood, and played a pivotal role in making sridevi’s presence in the industry as strongly felt as it was in the prime of her career. The song perfectly showcases Sridevi’s on-screen chemistry with Jeetendra who perfectly complements her every step.



Another track from the super hit film Mr. India. Kate Nahin Kat Te sees the iconic actress starring alongside Anil Kapoor. Sridevi is seen incorporating the same witty expressions as in Hawa Hawai, but in addition, sets an underlying tone of seduction that fit her perfectly. Her spectacular performance as she dances in the rain convincingly with an ‘invisible’ Mr. India with was miles ahead of its time!



This 1991 song from the movie Lamhe, in which Sridevi spectacularly plays a double role, is set amidst the deserts of Rajasthan. It showcases Sridevi performing around a fire-pit as she charms Anil Kapoor with her graceful moves. From her charm to her expressions, everything about the song continues to leave us mesmerized.



Almost two decades later, the actress showcases little tidbits of her timeless talent and grace in this wedding track from English Vinglish. As she gives us a glance into the past, she leaves behind a lasting echo of her stellar performances, one of her many contributions to the silver screen; and in doing so, cements in our minds the memory of the unmatched star – Sridevi.



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