On building a vegan beauty routine

It might finally be time to jump on board with #Veganuary, where non-vegans observe veganism for the first month. But that’s not the only reason to build a vegan skincare routine. Vegan skincare products are great for soothing sensitive skin and are also high in antioxidants, giving you a radiance that’s sourced from nature itself.

Here’s our guide to building a vegan-friendly beauty routine:

Invest in vegan haircare

Today, there are a plethora of plant-based alternatives that you can choose from that produce the same results as your favorites.

At-home face masks

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Instead of buying bundles of sheet masks or tins of pre-packaged clay masks, try making vegan masks at home.
For hydrated skin, try an avocado and ripe banana face mask. Or a charcoal and aloe mask for cleansing out those clogged pores. Need a pick me up for your skin? A coffee and turmeric mask works wonders too.

Switching your skincare regime

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Many brands today are incorporating veganism in the production of their products however if you are planning on your changing trusty night cream always double-check everything that promises moisture and hydration, as they are likely to have animal-derived ingredients.

Smell good with vegan perfume

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Avoid perfumes including ambergris when selecting a vegan perfume or try making perfumed flower oils at home. Oiled perfumes not only hydrate your skin but last longer than alcohol-based perfumes.

Vegan deodorant

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Vegan deodorants are often made with calming ingredients that offer antioxidants and nourishment to an otherwise ignored part of your body.

(Contributed by Nikhita H.)

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