Birthday Special | Padma Shri singer Kailash Kher | Exclusive interview with Harshit Vohra

Soulful, powerful, striking a divine chord with his voice today is Padma Shri Kailash Kher’s birthday.

Q: You never depended on Bollywood to make your songs known. Did you visualize this kind of stardom?
A: I came in Mumbai to make my music album. By chance, playback singing happened, and people loved my voice. My aim was to create independent music not only film music.

Q: What was your reaction after the success of your first song?
A: In the beginning of my career, many people rejected me for my voice or style of music. In fact, music companies said that this kind of voice doesn’t work. When my first song succeeded, all of it changed. The ones who rejected my voice had said that if my voice works, then will be miracle. It is just a game. (Laughs)

Q: What do you think about the current state of Sufi music in India?
A: We have a rich heritage stemming from our spiritual music and thought processes in India. We create music where we can celebrate life that goes and touches all of humanity. If we start promoting Sufi music more like Bollywood music, it will be better.

Q: Any memorable birthday moments?
A:  Every moment of my life is memorable. Birthdays become more significant when I support someone significantly.

Q: Tell us about project “Nayi Udaan”?
A: Nayi Udaan is my mission and passion. When I have started my career, I faced challenged and difficulties because I didn’t have a god-father in the industry. Nayi Udaan is a platform for new talent and their bright future.

Q: How was your experience performing in Dubai?

A: Each time we performed in Dubai, we get a warm welcome. It is the hub of music lovers. Kailasa has created many memories in Dubai.


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