Happy Birthday Sonakshi Sinha: Check out the multi-faceted star!

Sonakshi Sinha is undoubtedly one of the finest actresses of her generation. And on her special day today, here’s taking a look at the young star’s multi-faceted journey. Beyond the world of cinema, Sonakshi has proved herself to be an avid investor, sassy entrepreneur and so much more. Here’re 5 times Sonakshi’s success went beyond the box office:

When not ruling the screen, Sonakshi likes to invest in beautiful homes and make them hers. With a proper portfolio worth crores, Sonakshi bought herself another new home as a birthday gift to herself this year. She has established herself as a successful investor.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors:

Sonakshi’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her brand ‘SOEZI.’ With this venture, she showcases her passion for fashion and offers unique sets of easy to wear press on nails. With a bank of the best designs and outstanding colours, Sonakshi herself is seen donning these perfect sets for events, shoots, red carpets and more.

Artistic Expression:


Beyond her captivating performances, Sonakshi’s artistic flair extends to the realm of painting. She recently painted a tiger as a heartfelt gesture of gratitude to her Dahaad producers, acknowledging the role as her best yet. This artistic endeavor not only displays her talent but also reflects her ability to express herself through different creative mediums.

A Passionate Biker:


Sonakshi’s dedication to her craft extends beyond the screen. After immersing herself in the world of biking for her role as a cop in Dahaad, she developed a deep love for the sport. In a testament to her adventurous spirit, Sonakshi embraced biking, and bought herself a Bullet after the shoot wrap up. Sonakshi often goes for bike rides in the night with her friends in the city.

A Style Icon:

Sonakshi Sinha’s fashion choices are as diverse as her talents. From red carpet glamour to casual street style, she effortlessly sets trends and showcases her unique fashion sense. Each of her looks is a testament to her versatility and ability to experiment with different styles while being true to her personality, establishing her as a true fashion icon.


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