When life gives you a lemon, squeeze it into a mask!

We’re here in appreciation of the little, yellow, citrus fruit that shocks your taste-buds with its tangy taste but is also the secret behind the healthy skin and hair of many celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kiara Advani. Yes, we’re talking about lemons.

An integral part of the morning routines of many who swear by its health benefits – it is known to alkalize the body if consumed in a glass of water on an empty stomach. But lemon is as beneficial outside the body as inside it. Let’s see how:

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Lemon and Aloe Vera
A fusion of aloe vera and lemon can do wonders for your skin. Aloe vera hydrates the skin and promotes elastin and collagen production. Together they help you look youthful by preventing wrinkles.

Lemon and Jaggery Powder
Lemon juice and jaggery powder can serve as an extremely beneficial scrub. Lemon’s high nutritional as well as anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties along with jaggery’s high glycolic acid levels, improve underlying skin conditions and appearance. You can also add a teaspoon of honey for better results.

Lemon and Turmeric
Turmeric is a great antioxidant and anti-allergen. Turmeric and lemon help reduce photoaging, acne, and several other skin conditions. This face pack is enriching to the skin and assures a healthy glow.

Image source: unsplash.com

Lemon and Oil
Lemon is regarded as a source of reducing dandruff. A combination of lemon with olive oil or coconut oil reduces breakage, helps in damage repair, and improves the health of your hair.

Lemon and Honey
Lemon and Honey is a concoction right out of our grandma’s beauty book. A mixture of lemon and honey moisturizes the skin, makes it supple and paints a lovely shine. The perfect solution for a pre-party glow up.


Lemon should not be applied to the skin directly without first mixing it with a base. Lemon serves as bleach and may cause a burning or itching sensation if applied directly. A direct application is best avoided.

Every skin functions differently. We recommend trying it on your wrist before moving on to the face, so as to be warned of any reaction.

(Contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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