5 Skin care tips for after waxing

Having to wax is one of the biggest necessary evils, isn’t it? Though, it is well worth it later when you get to feel the soft smooth skin. But, why not make it a better experience for yourself? Here are a few tips for after waxing!

Loose fitting
Always make sure to wear lose fitting clothes after a wax session. Tight closthes irritate the skin and might give you rashes.

Cool showers
After waxing the pores of your skin open up considerably and hot water showers may give your already sensitive skin even more sensitivity and allergic reactions.

Cool compressors
Press cool compressors where you might have itches or bumps and rashes. Use cool water towers and ice packs or take cold showers.

Aloe Vera gel
Aloe vera is your skin’s best friend. Use products with aloe vera or raw aloe vera for itches and burns. Make sure to mosturise and not itch your skin directly.

Avoid chemicals
Make sure your skin doesn’t come in direct contact with products with harsh chemicals like creams and perfumes.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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