De De Pyaar De

Produced by : Luv Ranjan, Bhushan Kumar, Ankur Garg, Krishan Kumar
Directed by : Akiv Ali
Star cast : Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Rakul Preet Singh

The age gap is the hero of De De Pyaar De. As the trailer reveals, Ajay Devgn plays a 50 -year- old (separated) man, in love with a 20 something spunky Rakulpreet Singh. The drama ensues when he gets her to meet his family and ex-wife (the same age as him) played by the superbly talented Tabu. That their children are the same age as his girlfriend is a bone of contention for his parents and his children and lends itself to some humorous situations.

Ajay Devgn plays it cool. He looks good, well-toned and slips into his character with great ease and makes it totally believable. He doesn’t try to look or act younger than the role handed out to him and that is refreshing to see. So does Jaaved Jaafrey, who plays his close friend and psychiatrist. Their conversations are funny and make you smile.

Tabu sizzles in her role as the first wife who is a pillar of strength to the family, raising her kids on her own and being a responsible mom. Her outburst towards the end underlines her character of understanding the man’s point of view on divorce and that it is easy to shame a man who walks out on his marriage. He becomes an easy punching bag for the family.

The Tabu- Ajay pairing has worked very well in the past and the film has a recall of their old song Raah Mai Unse.. rekindling memories. Comedy is not a space both Tabu and Ajay are unknown to – apart from their national award-winning films, his action sequences, her emotive dramas. Their comfort with each other translates into the screen with great ease.

Rakulpreet Singh looks fresh and beautiful in her role. The first half of the film is dedicated to her romance with an older man and is filled with a flirtatiousness that is refreshing and endearing. The script especially the repartees are well written and engaging. Rakulpreet’s bold, outspoken personality shines through her character and stays with you.

The film is separated very well into two parts. The first half has the romance between the lovers who have a generation gap of nearly 20 plus years. The second half has the conflict with his family and his young lover. A light-hearted comedy that, at various stages, both skirts and succumbs to gender clichés, yet strikes a progressive note.  The film largely focusses on building relationships despite being a dysfunctional family. Aren’t most families dysfunctional? Watch the film to know more.


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