Get that dream price for your second-hand electronic devices at NorthLadder!

Safer, easier, better – NorthLadder – the world’s first secure trading platform offers the best one-stop solution for all those old devices that you want to get rid off  

Who doesn’t like upgrading their electronic goods and flaunting those latest tech gadgets, right! But while we are quick to buy new electronics to keep up with the times, we are more often than not clueless about what to do with the old ones ones, especially if they are in a perfectly working condition! And if that’s your concern, here’s the one stop solution for it – NorthLadder. World’s first secure trading platform, NorthLadder (NL) is a second-hand online marketplace for electronics that provides a better (price), safer, and easier way to sell your second-hand electronic devices in UAE.

The digital platform auctions second-hand electronics such as phones, laptops and tablets, guaranteeing the most competitive price with no hidden charges. In fact, it offers the end consumer with almost upto 60 per cent more value for their second-hand device compared to other trade-in programs.

From covering the partial cost of your device upgrade, to sponsoring your next vacation or getting cash – it provides the best solution in the simplest way. All you need to do is – go to the website, enter details of the device you want to sell, get an instant price quotation, select home pick up or select location drop off, and get instant cash for your old device.

With an aim to provide happiness to the consumer and provide the best value to them for devices, Mihin Shah, CRO at NorthLadder says, “Currently, only 1 to 2 per cent of devices are traded in the UAE, compared to around 25 per cent in the USA. By streamlining the customer experience on the website and trade in process at retailers, we are giving the best value to customers, we strive to increase the adoption of selling old devices, trade in and device upgrade programs in the UAE. The platform provides multiple benefits by improving affordability of devices, keeping the devices in circulation and thus reducing e-waste and promoting sustainability in line with UAE’s vision for a circular economy.”

He adds that the trade in business is already 35 per cent of NorthLadder’s entire volume from last quarter and going forward, the demand for re-commerce, trade-in and device upgrade programs is only expected to grow. NorthLadder will play a key role in supporting this growth through increased partnerships, constant innovation and a growing network, all which position the company to always deliver the best value for their consumers. As they say, ‘Cash it instead of trashing it!’


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