Pack these things in your everyday bag – so you don’t need to ask anyone

These things are a MUST in every girl’s bag

This article is for girls who travel a lot, and spend most of their time out! Ladies who have to go to the office for 8 hours, college girls who stay at the university from sunrise till the sunsets. Make sure that you got these items with you wherever you go so you don’t need to ask anyone for anything!



The day we forget our headphones at home, we feel like we are lost! It’s an essential item for those who love to listen to podcasts, or just enjoy listening to Selena Gomez’s latest releases. Sometimes we wear our headphones to send an indirect message that says “Please don’t speak to me, I am not in the mood”. We must say that this trick works, sometimes… not all the time.


Medicines and band-aid

We wish that everyone is in good health and doesn’t need any kind of medication. But, in case you have kind of a medication course or you need Panadol for your sudden headache. Get the pills organizer that reserves your pills and will help you to keep your bag well organized rather than carrying the whole pill box. A band-aid is as important as your lipstick! New shoes are not new shoes if they don’t leave a shoe-bit after you wear them for the first time! Keeping a band-aid will keep your feet protected from the pain.




Charger/ Power Bank

Calling Little Miss who is always at 1%. Girl, we feel you! Sometimes we just fall asleep without charging our phones. Or, you just use your phone so much that it dies in the middle of the day! Stay prepared by having a fully charged power bank and your charger cable to just plug it in and get your phone charged for the rest of the day.


Hygiene kit

Ugh! This is the thing that many of us that might just forget about! A hygiene kit that includes tissues, pads, wet wipes, and perfume will be your superhero when your period decides to surprise you! Rather than asking girls whether they have an extra pad, just get yourself prepared by having your own needed things.

Extra cash

For the girls who use Apple Pay and pay whatever they buy with their credit card, cash is still necessary. Keep some extra cash in your wallet to avoid any “Sorry mam, our card machine is not working” or “Mam, it’s just 1 AED, please pay in cash”!


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