Quick hacks to style those sweater vests!

In the recent times the trend for sweater vest have gone up, they have become a style statement more than a wardrobe necessity.

Here are 3 remarkably easy ways to style your sweater vest to give yourself a chic and edgy look.

1.Plaid skirts and sweater vest

This styling hack is truly effortless, to achieve this look all you’ll need to do is pick out any of your favourite plaid skirts with a smart classy shirt and just throw on a sweater vest. To class up the look a little more. To make it more presentable pair it up with gorgeous yet minimalistic gold jewellery and a basic black sling of your choice.

2. Cropped with jeans

Wearing a monotonous outfit everyday sounds exceedingly dull and unvaried, but you can switch it up in minutes by adding an adorably elegant sweater vest over your basic outfit. You can tuck the sweater vest in to add a cropped effect and pair it up with your favourite jewellery and some smart sneakers.

3. White shirt with a sweater vest twist

Styling a white shirt has always been effortless and easy, but you can always use sweater vest as another innovative way to add a little drama to your white shirt look. To finish this look you can wear biker shirts under this outfit and pair it up with some exciting boots to class your look up.

Contributed by Dhara Shah


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