The Fujairah Flower Farm is UAE’s hidden gem

So what if you couldn’t travel to the Netherland for the tulip season, UAE has its own flower farm with over 30,000 blooms. A desert that has a sprawling flower farm too? This country never fails to surprise us, isn’t it! Tucked away in Wadi Asimah in Fujairah, this farm is nothing but a pure sight of vibrant beauty. 

You will find flowers like daisy, sunflowers and multiple colors of snapdragons to name a few. They are a local business and offer some fun activities for it’s visitors like flower picking and even creating our own bouquets. The location of this farm closer to the Hajar Mountains with its higher altitudes that help the plants flourish. Get your cameras ready, the snapdragons with it’s burst of colors dominates the farm and gives you an array of beautiful visuals to capture! 

It took Al Mazroui, the owner of this farm, seven years of dedicated farming to bring this stunning creation into existence. As the area started gaining attention from passer-bys, he decided to open the farm to the public and call it an attraction. Most flower farms in UAE are set indoors, but this one is completely in the open-air and is even more charming during the golden hour.

Have you visited this farm yet? Hurry! Let’s soak in this beauty before the season ends!

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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