Madhuri Dixit Nene and her husband Dr Sriram Nene post a poignant video of their son leaving for university. Watch here!

Madhuri Dixit and her husband have posted a video where they discuss about their older son going to university. Right from issues of being protective parents to letting them go alone in the world and make their own decisions, choosing the right friends, taking the right steps, managing finances to bullying – the parents discuss all the anxieties faced by parents like them.

“You have to give them the space to let them grow and not check on them every now and then. If my mom asked me every 5 minutes, where I was, I won’t answer her. As long as you give them that space, they are responsible people. It is hard to let go but you have to,” says the actress with the million watt smile.

Dr Sriram Nene, her husband reassures parents, “They have taken all the teaching you have given them for 18 years and they will be fine. Kids will start doing things on their own and you will be surprised. There is a bit of sadness. But they are a video call and a phone call away.”

He added stating they could have an initial cafeteria fixation that would wane on its own. Madhuri on the other hand talks of her child learning to get up on his own, manage basic things like shower, get to school on time, organize things on the calendar. ” Kids have been resilient during the pandemic. Kudos to this whole batch who have done so well despite the Covid situation and taken it well without much socialization, playing outdoor games etc.”

” We will have to teach him basic things like taking care of his health. Keeping a thermometer in the room and check for fever and manage it with a paracetamol if it is low and meet a doctor if it is high fever,” she adds. Dr Nene on the other hand talks about finances and drawing out a budget. ” Let him have a fixed account and do the accounting himself that starts with managing the meal part and buying supplies.” ” We have always looked at quality and price before he have bought anything and we have taught him that balance on how much you have and how much you will spend and to practice that independently.” Check the link below for more on this poignant and reassuring video!

My baby is leaving for college… Here’s how Ram & I as parents are preparing for this transition and some advice for the kids learning to build an independent life –

— Madhuri Dixit Nene (@MadhuriDixit) July 6, 2021

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