The new bridal trend in B-town!

We all are gearing up for the two biggest weddings of Bollywood, Ranveer-Deepika and Priyanka Nick Jonas. And we all already know that Bollywood beauties like Anushka, Sonam and Neha recently tied the knot with their long time boyfriends.

But what came to our notice is that stylish and posh makeup trends have taken a backseat and instead minimalistic makeup is the new thing!

Anushka Sharma kept it minimal and classy:

Anushka’s makeup artist was Puneet B Saini, who quoted “The new-age brides are very smart, they choose their makeup artist according to their personal style”. The celebrity had two criterion’s for her makeup that it should look, elegant and beautiful. At Anushka’s ring ceremony, her lips had a nude color shade and her eyes had a smoky effect. The makeup artist, used a mixture of colors including her personal favorite aubergine and brown with red undertone. At the Mehendi ceremony, her makeup was fairly basic. She had a wintery look with cream blush applied onto her face. We can say that, Anushka Sharma’s wedding celebrations involved very minimal makeup. Everything was applied extremely softly except her mascara which was the only ‘heavy’ thing. Puneet B Saini, made sure that Anushka’s natural beauty was enhanced at every event of her marriage. Her hair and makeup took approximately 1.5 to 2 hours per day.

Neha Dhupia chose to go minimal:

Neha is known for her less makeup signature style. And she opted out for the same on her wedding day as well. Her makeup involved soft makeup which perfectly complemented the pastel colors of her lehenga. Neha Dhupia’s makeup consisted of signature smoky eyes, some kajal, light blush and maure lipstick. The celebrity opted for pastel shades for her makeup, so that it was light and soothing to the eyes as well. Neha Dhupia also had a bright pink bindi which matched her lip stick and overall makeup. Lastly, her Gajra in her hair bun added another dimension to her traditional look.

Sonam Kapoor chose to go “an almost no makeup look”;

Sonam Kapoor’s makeup was simple. Her makeup artist, Namrata Soni gave Sonam a very surreal makeup do and kept her entire appearance ‘natural’ [almost like a no makeup, makeup look]. She used black individual eyelashes to keep her eyes open and to make it look less bulky as compared to full lashes. Sonam Kapoor’s individual eyelashes were blended perfectly with mascara. The makeup artist, gave Sonam dark brows, which gave dimension to her entire face. She applied a very thin strip of eye liner, adding to Sonam’s overall natural look. Her eye shadow was super simple and light with a light gold shimmer shadow applied.  A light pink blush was applied on Sonam Kapoor’s cheek and an undertone of red and pink color tone. Her eyes had a soft pink smoky effect paired with bold eyeliner, long lashes and brows which looked on-fleek! Her hair was styled in a bun with blossoming flowers which added to the perfect balance. Sonam Kapoor’s lips consisted of a rose-tinted lip shade which was used instead of matte, as it would have looked too empowering.


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